Matestack App Generator


Generates matestack apps to app/matestack/apps.


NAME - Mandatory. Creates an empty matestack page in app/matestack/apps/NAME.rb.

--all_inclusive - Optional. Also creates a corresponding matestack page, a controller with an action for the matestack page and a route to it.

Example 1

rails generate matestack:app example_app

Creates an ExampleApp in app/matestack/apps/example_app.rb.

Example 2

rails generate matestack:app simple_app --all_inclusive

Creates: - a SimpleApp in app/matestack/apps/simple_app.rb - an ExamplePage in app/matestack/pages/simple_app/example_page.rb - a SimpleAppController in app/controllers/simple_app_controller.rb - a route to http://localhost:3000/simple_app/example_page

To see all options, run bash rails generate matestack:app -h