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matestack core component: Option

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The HTML <option> tag implemented in ruby.


This component can take 7 optional configuration params and either yield content or display what gets passed to the text configuration param.

# id (optional)

Expects a string with all ids the <option> should have.

# class (optional)

Expects a string with all classes the <option> should have.

# disabled (optional)

Specifies that the <option> should be disabled.

# label (optional)

Specifies a shorter label for the <option>.

# text (optional)

Specifies the text the <option> should contain.

# selected (optional)

Specifies that the <option> should be pre-selected when the page loads.

# value (optional)

Specifies the value to be sent to a server.

Example 1: Render options[:text] param

option text: 'Option 1'


<option>Option 1</option>

Example 2: Render options[:label] param

option label: 'Option 2'


<option label="Option 2"></option>

Example 3: Render with more attributes

option disabled: true, label: 'Option 3', selected: true, value: '3'


<option disabled="disabled" label="Option 3" selected="selected" value="3"></option>

Example 4: Yield a given block

option id: 'foo', class: 'bar' do
  plain 'Option 4'


<option id="foo" class="bar">
  Option 4