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matestack core component: Button

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The HTML <button> tag implemented in Ruby.


This component can take 4 optional configuration params and optional content.

# id (optional)

Expects a string with all ids the button should have.

# class (optional)

Expects a string with all classes the button should have.

# text (optional)

Expects a string with the text that should go inside the <button> tag.

# disabled (optional)

Expects a boolean to specify a disabled <button> tag.

Example 1

Specifying the button text directly

button text: 'Click me'


<button>Click me</button>

Example 2

Rendering a content block inside the <button> tag:

button id: 'foo', class: 'bar' do
  plain "Click me"


<button id="foo" class="bar">Click me</button>

Example 3

By passing a boolean via disabled: true, you define disabled buttons. Passing nothing or explicitly defining disabled: false return the same result:

button disabled: true, text: 'You can not click me'
button disabled: false, text: 'You can click me'
button text: 'You can click me too'


<button disabled="disabled">You can not click me</button>
<button>You can click me</button>
<button>You can click me too</button>